• Esiste anche il genere letterario “Mommy Porn” ed EL James - che è una donna - è il suo profeta (e non dà interviste).

James, who lives in west London and is remaining coy for now about her full name, is leaving interviews for now to her agent, Valerie Hoskins, who said that the success of the book was due in large part to it simply being a “gripping read”.

  • Tra le “cose da leggere nel weekend che non ho letto negli ultimi weekend” c’era il testo su Londra di China Miéville uscito sul New York Times Magazine (Oh, London, You Drama Queen). Ma ho fatto bene ad aspettare perché sul suo sito ora c’è l’extended version con foto e, in giro, un’intervista.

Shove your hands in your pockets and set out. In London in winter it’s nearly pitch at half past four. By six, you’re in the night city, and in backstreets you can be alone for a long time.

For budding politicos, The West Wing was a once-a-week life raft, an alternative universe where civic-mindedness, while buffeted, ultimately triumphed..

It wasn’t built for micro play sessions — a polite way of saying it’s not a a game one plays on the toilet — development took over one-and-a-half years; the budget was comparatively large for an indie mobile game, roughly $200,000; and the storytelling was often obscure and self-aware. It wasn’t an Angry Birds clone.

«That was excellent. We should do that once a week!» play