Conn Iggulden, quello del “Pericoloso libro delle cose da veri uomini”, elogia l’avventura, le ginocchia sbucciate e l’urina come inchiostro simpatico per stroncare la pedagogia dei giorni nostri (che ha prodotto, causa genitori distratti, grassi bulli mammoni che non leggono):

The irony of making boys’ lives too safe is that later they take worse risks on their own. You only have to push a baby boy hard on a swing and see his face light up. It’s not learned behavior – he’s hardwired to enjoy a little risk. Ask any man for a good memory from childhood and he’ll tell you about testing his courage or getting injured. No one wants to see a child get hurt, but we really did think the bumps and scratches were badges of honor, once.

Bol - Washington Post