Benche non sia originalissimo segnalare articoli del New York Times, qui oggi si sottolineano due articoli da leggere. Il primo e un’inchiesta sui media arabi, principalmente Al-Jazira e Al-Arabiya: sapere chi le guarda e che tono esse usino e interessante tanto quanto la questione della liberta d’informazione nell’Islam.

Poi, un commento di Thomas Friedman, in versione amerikana:

The civil war we want is a democratically elected Iraqi government against the Baathist and Islamist militants. It needs to be clear that these so-called insurgents are not fighting to liberate Iraq from America, but rather to reassert the tyranny of a Sunni-Baathist minority over the majority there. The insurgents are clearly desperate that they not be cast as fighting a democratically elected Iraqi government - which is why they are desperately trying to scuttle the elections. After all, if all they wanted was their fair share of the pie, and nothing more, they would be taking part in the elections. We cannot liberate Iraq, and never could. Only Iraqis can liberate themselves, by first forging a social contract for sharing power and then having the will to go out and defend that compact against the minorities who will try to resist it.

NY Times