Adesso pure Peggy Noonan si e messa a scrivere (entusiasticamente) di blog utilizzando comodi schemini:

  1. They use the tools of journalists (computer, keyboard, a spirit of inquiry, a willingness to ask the question) and of the Internet (Google, LexisNexis) to look for and find facts that have been overlooked, ignored or hidden.
  1. Bloggers, unlike reporters at elite newspapers and magazines, are independent operators. They are not, and do not have to be, governed by mainstream thinking.
  1. Bloggers have an institutional advantage in terms of technology and form. They can post immediately.
  1. Bloggers are also selling the smartest take on a story. They’re selling an original insight, a new area of inquiry.
  1. And they’re doing it free.

Se volete qualcosa di piu divertente, ecco invece Know thy enemy: blogs, che si trova su Imao. Ci sono cose spiritose come:

  • If you see a geeky looking male or a slutty looking female in front of a laptop, he or she could be a blogger. Don’t make eye contact or say anything in front of them or they will destroy you.
  • If blogs continue in their present march of destruction, the regular media will fall and you’ll get all your information from what some guy named “Phil” can hack out during his coffee break. Even the greatest minds in science fiction could not imagine such a dystopic future.

WSJ - Imao