L’altro giorno Joi Ito, esprimendo alcune sue impressioni sull’Italia, c’era andato parecchio pesante (ne abbiamo parlato nel post qui sotto). Per riassumerla con le parole di Cesare: ´_Qualcuno spieghi al ‘grande’ Joi Ito che l’Italia non Ë proprio come la Corea del Nord_º. Al guru Ë arrivato qualche commento critico anche da qualche blogger italiano, anche se il vero alfiere e stato Brodo Primordiale che - argomentando - e riuscito a far riflettere Joi Ito fino a un parziale ripensamento. Siccome i permalink nei commenti sono una cosa splendida, il consiglio e di andare a leggersi la conversazione. Ma l’esordio pirotecnico di Carlo lo incollo qui (ma c’e anche la versione satirica):

You don’t really know what you’re talking about Ito, next time you could meet with the local gangs and publish their view on the state of justice in Italy, that would be interesting. At beginning I thought your post was so naive that deserved no comments at all, but I saw a couple of comments that are not only misinformed but offensive other than completly bs.

First, let’s try to get some numbers straight: according to the latest EU data (February ‘05), internet penetration rate in Italy is about 49% of population which is not stellar but certainly not “very low”, if you compare to 41,5% of France or 32,5 of Spain. UK is at 59%, which I would expect given that 80% of web content is in English.

Free speech: it is true that Berlusconi has an unparalleled media power, which is a problem (even if Berlusconi didn’t came from Mars, he was elected and his conflict of interest and economic power in the communication industry was known to the voters well before the last elections), but is also true that our system is far from being limited as far as freedom of speech is concerned. We have a lot of improvement space as a country and get rid of Berlusconi next year will be the first step, but the picture of Italy that comes from your post is just plain ridicolous, a reader with a normal QI (not Paglione above) would think you were in Saigon or maybe Pyongyang, not really in Rome.

Regarding your line “the left wing are fighting hand and fist (literally) with the right wing radicals”, maybe I live in another country or planet, but I don’t see all this hand and fist activity around. I don’t usually meet squatters though. I won’t mention other bs I read regarding ars but I’d strongly suggest you to check you facts before writing about matters of which you are totally ignorant.

Quindi la risposta di Ito:

“Thanks for taking time to comment. It is true that I wrote the post out in a situation of great ignorance […]”.

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