Via Right Nation Leibniz ha letto questo articolo per il Campus Magazine che collega l’utilizzo di massa dell’iPod (et similia) alla fine della civilta come noi la conosciamo. Segue passaggio apocalittico:

…iPod is bad for the soul because it offers a false sense of control. As Rosen points out, the makers of iPod have, “created a world where the individual’s control over the content, style, and timing of what he consumes is nearly absolute”. She says that this little machine allows us to “make a fetish of our preferences”. In all things, at all times, we demand control. We demand choice. We want omnipotence. The iPod feeds off of a utopian fantasy: that we can make our individual world perfect by controlling every nook and managing every cranny of our lives. We are increasingly ill equipped to deal with real life. Death does not have a stop button, sickness and disappointment cannot be skipped with a click-wheel; in this world we still have trouble. Manipulating every aspect of existence with technology gives us the impression that control is ours, but it isn’t. We are deceiving ourselves.

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