La cosa del Ratzinger nazista (perche a 14 anni era nella gioventu Hitleriana, come da obbligo in un paese allora altamente poco democratico) ha fatto arrabbiare tantissimo la stampa tedesca, che ha attaccato direttamente i giornali inglesi responsabili dell’accostamento paragonandoli al diavolo in persona:

Your headlines about the German pope stink of him, like sulphur and rotten eggs. Anyone reading the British tabloids yesterday must have thought Hitler had become pope. You obviously view every Kraut as a Nazi, even the Pope. Only the devil could come up with such thoughts. Or, unfortunately, you English with your complexes. It’s just like on the football pitch - we are always the Nazis […] I don’t hate you back. The Pope in his goodness will pray for you idiots - the editor in chief of the Sun and the Mirror. Even idiots go to heaven.

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