Joe Klein su Time spiega perche Hillary Clinton farebbe meglio a evitare la corsa alla Casa Bianca (e lasciare queste cose a Geena Davis).

[She] is a judicious hawk on foreign policy and has learned her lessons on domestic-policy overreach. No less an expert than Newt Gingrich says, “Hillary has become one of the very few people who know what to do about health care.” Still, she has some very real political limitations. She has a clenched, wary public presence, which won’t work well in an electorate that prizes aw-shucks informality; she isn’t a particularly warm or eloquent speaker, especially in front of large audiences. Any woman running for President will face a toughness conundrum: she will constantly have to prove her strength and be careful about showing her emotions. She won’t have the luxury of, say, Bill Clinton’s public sogginess. It will take a brilliant politician to create a credible feminine presidential style. So far, Senator Clinton hasn’t shown the ease or creativity necessary to break the ultimate glass ceiling.

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