Neanche Leibniz e tanto convinto che per arginare il terrorismo bombarolo basti «esaminare con saggezza come possa essere circoscritta, ristretta ed eliminata la cortina d’odio crescente attorno al nostro sistema di vita e la sfida dell’intelligenza a cui tutti siamo chiamati» (Gad Lerner). Il commento intelligente della settimana e quello di Fareed Zakaria:

Suicide bombing cannot be explained by poverty and disadvantage. The London bombers were not the wretched of the earth. They came from working-class but comfortable backgrounds, living in one of the world’s most prosperous countries. For all the talk of their being marginalized, none were living in hellish ghettos. Britain today does a decent job of assimilating its immigrants, certainly better than any other European country. If anyone had cause for rage, it was not the bombers but their parents. (…) Like all ideologies, radical Islam is a phenomenon of the educated class.

(…) But Western countries can do more as well. We’re fighting a military battle against a phenomenon that is largely nonmilitary. In a battle of ideas, no one bullet will win. We must present a positive vision for Muslim societies, be seen as a friendly and progressive force by them and thus strengthen the moderates and liberals.But this is battle, not an academic seminar. We also have to discredit, delegitimize and dismantle barbaric ideas.

il Giornale - Newsweek