Europa in declino. Dopo Theodore Dalrymple (su Cato Unbound), Timothy Smith, Charles Kupchan, Anne Applebaum e Fareed Zakaria (anche su Newsweek) dice la sua anche Daniel Drezner:

Europe’s decline does not mean it’s influence in international institutions will automatically fall. International organizations have notoriously sticky rules, and those rules benefit those who were powerful in the past. By any measure of power, Britain and France have no business being permanent members of any Security Council that keeps India or even Japan out. Yet there they stay, for two reasons: 1) It’s costly to change the rules; and 2) The U.S. doesn’t want to change them. For all of the guff about transatlantic tensions, the U.S. is still keenly aware that it has more shared prferences with Europe than with other regions of the globe. Until that changes, European countries may decline, but they won’t fall.

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