La mia rubrica preferita di questi tempi - oltre a quella di Carlo Rossella su Chi - è ¡Ask a Mexican! su LA Weekly. Un messicano che risponde a domande curiose sui messicani. Si trovano lettere come queste:

Have you noticed how all those guys like Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck go on and on about Mexicans and immigration? It seems like they fear the taco truck more than the Taliban. I think they go nuts because some Mexicans look like Arabs or Muslims. I blame all the prietos for this. That’s why they’re always the bad guys in the telenovelas. Damn prietos always fucking shit up. Saddam Hussein looked like my freakin’ uncle with the ostrich boots, and I can easily pass for the Iranian president. All I need is a khaki Members Only jacket.

LA Weekly