In seven days italian geeks got two new high end devices to flush away all their money: iPhone 5S and iPad Air.

This is not a complete review of them, because it would be too late: the mainstream media already said enough about them about 40 days ago.But we italians had to wait to get that gadgets: that time could generate a bandwagon effect, or just, that’s the case, low the hype.

Then I spent a week - 24/7 - with these Apple products and I think that any pro user (iPhone 5 people and iPad Mini or 3) should upgrade for a few reasons. Here they are.

iPhone 5S

####iPhone 5S: shrink to fit This phone is basically born to win any contest.

Case one: Are you a couch potato geek? You need:

  • 64 bit architecture apps, or The Future
  • Infinity Blade 3
  • the ultimate A7 processor
  • the most expensive iPhone around
  • you didn’t know, but you need a golden phone too

Case two: Are you an aspiring iron man, or just a Quantified Self human being? Then you need:

  • the M7, the motion processor named like a Leica camera, because it’s smart, saves battery and will help you running around with your gps-oriented apps (Nike+, Strava, Runkeeper, ecc…)

Case four: Are you an iPhotographer? Then you need:

  • this f***ing 8MP camera, faster than any other 13 MP camera in any other smartphone (even if the Xiaomi Mi5s was really enjoyable)
  • ’s l o w - m o t i o n’ video. Slow motion is really something.

Case five. Are you a “specs-whore”?

Case six. Do you feel confortable burning money like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street?

  • You have your answer: iPhone 5S, 64 GB: 949 eur.

####iPad Air That will be short. Easy peasy.

  1. If you were skeptical at first, like I was, you should see an iPad 3 close to the Air. The new one is smaller, lighter, better.

  2. “Office” apps, like Keynote, Pages, Garageband and Numbers (this, not the best on a tablet) are free.

  3. Verge score: 9.3. For less, I spent $ 1,500 on a laptop (and still typing from that).

  4. IOS7 made this tablet even better.

  5. It’s not the personal computer killer, but it’s the Porsche of tablets.

  6. If you thought the real new tablet, and the real shift in technology, was the smaller iPad Mini Retina - I did - maybe you should think twice. You are not be wrong, but now you’ve something to consider.