** I magnifici 19
** L’11 settembre mentre il mondo libero ricordera le vittime degli attentati terroristici, a Londra un gruppo di fondamentalisti islamici chiamato Al-Muhajiroun festeggera i suoi 19 martiri. In un mondo cosi, scrive Leonard Pitts, bisogna essere forti:

The events of Sept. 11 left many of us shuddering. And wondering if we could be, and even if we should continue to be, the nation we had always been. Meaning the nation that wore with swaggering pride our freedom of movement, our freedom of expression, our freedom of association, _ our_ freedom. The nation where the power of government to surveil and to detain was limited by the fact that the people had certain inalienable rights. The nation that was open and unafraid.
Could we continue to be that nation? Could we continue to be that young?
We could not.

Miami Herald