** Nessun rimpianto per la guerra (semmai per il dopo-guerra)
** Fareed Zakaria, testa di Newsweek (che scrive sotto una sua foto di 460x234 pixel), fa il punto sull’Iraq: si, pensavo avremmo trovato le armi in breve; no, credo che la guerra sia stata giusta comunque.

Those who now oppose the war must recognize that there was no stable status quo on Iraq. The box that Saddam Hussein had been in was collapsing. Saddam’s neighbors, as well as France and Russia, were actively subverting the sanctions against Iraq. And yet, while the regime was building palaces, the restrictions on Iraqi trade had a terrible side effect. UNICEF estimated that the containment of Iraq was killing about 36,000 Iraqis a year, 24,000 of them children under the age of 5. In other words, a month of sanctions was killing far more Iraqis than a week of the war did. This humanitarian catastrophe was being broadcast nightly across the Arab world. Policy on Iraq was broken. We had to move one way or the other.