** Matrix - Rejected
** Ecco cosa scrive chi ha visto “Revolutions” e non l’ha gradito.

BBC: «No-one really expects sequels to be better than the original, but Matrix Revolutions is a crushing disappointment in almost every way».

NY Times: «There are still a few loose ends that might be spun into future sequels – “The Matrix Recycled,” perhaps, or “The Matrix Recall Election” or “The Matrix Recipe Book and Holiday Menu Planner” (featuring the Oracle’s baking tips) – but the saga of Neo, which began in 1999 when he was a scruffy hacker who took a red pill, has now by all appearances reached its terminus. The appropriate response is somewhere between “About time” (about six hours, depending on what’s added for the DVD release) and “So what?”»

SF Chronicle: «If only filmmakers Larry and Andy Wachowski could have saved themselves from their own machines».

LA Times: «How did something so cool, get so dorky?»

Boston Herald: «The cyberpunks have been cyberpunk’d. Four years after the release of their trend-setting, hugely influential, some might even say visionary original film, Andy and Larry Wachowski’s ‘The Matrix Revolutions’, the ‘final’ ‘Matrix’ film, arrives looking like nothing more than a 1980s music video. If I had to hazard a guess which video, I’d say Billy Idol’s self-love anthem ‘Dancing With Myself’.»

Slate: «This one is a bona fide Bible epic, with the added bonus of interminable combat set-pieces inspired by old World War II pictures but played at video-game velocity. Revolutions isn’t as stupefying as Reloaded - and, of course, our expectations have been drastically lowered. But it’s an abysmal anticlimax all the same».

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