Uno studio proveniente dall’Inghilterra ha classificato 10 tipi di consumatore di alimenti: dal fondamentalista del bio o dallo scioperato che mangia bene solo dai suoi, fino a quello che mangia bene per 5 giornu sette e poi si strafoga di porcherie nei weekend.

1. Continuous Convenience Eaters: live mostly on frozen or canned foods

  1. Weekend Junkies: eat healthily through the week but resort to takeaways at weekends
  2. Sandwich & Soup Students: feel they don’t have the time or money to eat healthily. Put alcohol before food
  3. Return To Nesters: return home to raid their parents’ fridge … and get their washing done at the same time
  4. Chaotic Singles: eat takeaways, restaurant or pub food or heat up ready-meals
  5. Monday Morning Detoxers: in the gym or nibbling a lettuce leaf on Monday but at the pub by Tuesday
  6. Food Faddists: embrace the latest diet like a religion, are likely to stock up on Atkins-friendly products
  7. Earth Mothers: limit their children’s intake of sweets and fizzy drinks, tending to cook a roast on Sunday and “proper meals” during the week
  8. Organic Disciples: healthconscious and anxious about salt, sugar and fat
  9. Childless Carousers: eat out as much as possible, and buy top-ofthe-range ready-to-cook meals when eating in.

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