Slate pubblica alcuni estratti dell’autobiografia di Bill Clinton: «L’abbiamo letta per voi così voi non dovrete leggerla», spiega il giornale. Segue un estratto dedicato ai rapporti di Bill con il peso:

Page 11: “I remember one Easter in the 1950s, when I was fat and self-conscious.” Page 19: “I was a little chunky anyway, and slow, so slow that I was once the only kid at an Easter egg hunt who didn’t get a single egg, not because I couldn’t find them but because I couldn’t get to them fast enough.” Page 43: “On Friday nights there was always a dance in the gym of the local YMCA. I loved rock-and-roll music and dancing and went frequently, starting in eighth or ninth grade, even though I was fat, uncool, and hardly popular with the girls.” Page 57: “In 2002, a major medical study concluded that older people could increase their life span dramatically by sharply decreasing food intake. Coach McCauley knew that forty years ago. Now that I am one of those older people, I am trying to take his advice.” Page 113: On a visit home from Georgetown while his stepfather was sick: “Since I hardly slept, and ate with everyone who came by, I gained ten pounds in the two weeks I was home.” Page 273: Eliza Ashley, a cook on the Arkansas governor’s mansion staff “thought I looked too young to be governor in part because I was thin; she said if I were ‘more stout’ I’d look the part, and she was determined to make it happen.”