Il New Republic ha la risposta alla solita domanda: perché in Iraq si combatte ancora? Perché non c’è mai stata una resa formale.

Saddam Hussein’s government never formally capitulated. Individual Iraqi leaders such as Tariq Aziz turned themselves over to United States forces, but the government itself signed no surrender or even any armistice. Top Iraqi officials either fled or went into hiding. They did not, officially, give up. Nor did Iraq’s military officially give up. Some units capitulated to the U.S. or British forces besieging them. The Iraqi Army’s 51st Division surrendered to British forces near Basra early in the fighting; commanders of the Iraq Army’s Fifth Corps signed a cease-fire with U.S. commanders near Mosul in mid-April 2003. But other Iraqi units never formally gave in; soldiers simply left and returned home, either after Baghdad fell or when Iraq’s army was ordered disbanded. More important, the Iraqi general staff never signed any overall surrender or truce

N. Republic