Born To Die scivola senza sorprese perché tutti gli ingredienti della formula erano già riassunti nei singoli. E sebbene Video Games, Blue Jeans e la title track restino inarrivabili (in molti ucciderebbero per avere canzoni così in un’intera carriera, figuriamoci in un album solo), il resto non annoia né delude.

If a group rests its beliefs (in the case of creationism) or its moral standpoint (in the case of gay rights) on a set of claims which cannot be borne out by the evidence, then it risks losing its beliefs, or sacrificing its moral standpoint, when the facts can no longer be denied.

It’s easy to envision a kind of iTunes-in-reverse subscription framework that charges customers not per book, but per month – or, hey, per minute or week or year. Time over tome.

It’s barely five years old, but the micro-blogging platform Tumblr already rakes in 15 billion pageviews every month. With all that buzz, we thought we’d showcase the best accounts out there.

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