• Su Waxy una bella analisi della percentuale di film candidati all’Oscar dei quali è uscita in Rete una versione screener anzitempo.

A record 37 films were nominated this year, and the studios sent out screeners for all but four of them. But, so far, only eight of those 33 screeners have leaked online, a record low that continues the downward trend from last year..

Pinterest is great, I don’t bloody understand understand it but I think it’s great I think.

  • Noi qui abbiamo le prefazioni di Veltroni. In America ci sono gli endorsing di copertina (detti “blurbs”, se ho capito bene) firmati da Gary Shteyngart. Li hanno raccolti in un tumblr.

Gary Shteyngart’s blurbs are funny, touching, and true. This is a blurber to watch - Gary Shteyngart.

«That was excellent. We should do that once a week!» play